If you are a student who wants to study overseas or a fresh graduate seeking professional advice to get hired promptly at your desired job, Jusoor Sy is here to help you on that matter. Inquire online or visit our office located in Phoenix County. Recently we called up A1 Garage Door Service to install our new Tempe glass garage door so that students who are going to visit us will recognize our office because of the unique door that we have. We are open Mondays to Saturdays, from 8 am to 8 pm to provide you with our services.

Arizona is a beautiful state covered with trees, mountains, and rivers. It is a state with a lot of knowledgeable and competent individuals thus, our state has the highest positive outcome for the country’s economy.

From the past generations, we all know that Arizona made many firsts. First from many things such as, first to impose taxation on every product on the market, first to establish kindergarten that is now being implemented around the world, first to have vocational and training courses and so much more.

But today, Arizona is leading in the disappearance of our competitiveness in terms of  socioeconomic growth, and that’s not we want in our state. Thus, we in the Jusoor Sy organization want Arizona’s pioneering spirit needs to be rediscovered again. We should aspire to be first again, we really should win our goal. But our state has not yet shown it’s  sincerity in competing with other states and countries. Therefore, the Jusoor Sy organization was created by entrepreneurs and individuals to work on this goal.

If you are a student with potential and want to study abroad to help the state then this program of Jusoor Sy is the right one for you. We pay for your expenses when you go and study overseas. All you have to do is to submit your requirements. Once our experts have done their investigation and proved that your awards are legitimate, then they will approve it. But you should pass the exam first we give you a scholarship.

If you are a fresh graduate or young professional seeking your dream job, Jusoor Sy is just right here to guide you and offer you free mentorship and workshops. We will guide you on the career path you will choose for your future, especially if it will impact the state’s future. All these offers are absolutely free. Just inquire, send your email to us or simply visit our place.

For everyone who wants to support us and wants to give your donations, kindly stop by at the Jusoor Sy office so that you may have a chance to get to know more about us. If this is impossible, you may still reach out to us through email. We refer other parts of our site available to you.

We are hoping for your support. May these programs lead us to our better future.