Jusoor Sy is a non-government organization or NGO. We are working together for the bright future of Wisconsin. We are committed to supporting our state to ensure its development and socioeconomic growth. Our team and members work in different countries to launch programs for the youth of Wisconsin. These programs benefitted the top students and young professionals. We hope that this will lead to a better future and outlook of the state. 

The Jusoor Sy organization was founded by several individuals and entrepreneurs. We are a community who seeks solutions to the problem we are facing right now. With the help of some universities in selected countries, donations from top entrepreneurs and the determination of our top scholars, we are hoping for our economic growth. 

Jusoor Sy would not have been this successful without our teams who helped us create, manage and maintain the quality and security of our website plus our experts and professors who undoubtedly support our mission and help the students without hesitation. The members who are not tired of advocating and introducing to others our programs and mission. Most especially the partners of this wonderful organization. Without them, it’s indeed impossible to create this organization. 

We believe in the capability of the youth of Wisconsin and we know that they should be be offered opportunities for a better future. Therefore, we strive to help them and the state. We are hoping for a state that embraces the rule of law and have good socioeconomic growth.  

We are hoping for your full support and donations for the youth and Wisconsin state’s future. Remember that we are not connected to any political entities. We run this organization by ourselves through the help of your donations. 

For your pledges and offerings, kindly visit our office in Milwaukee County. Thank you for reading our story. We hope you will also commit to our mission.