Author: Arianna Grant

What Is Garage Door Repair?

It is very simple to take your garage door for granted? You have probably operated it thousands of times to get your car in or out and never had any problem.

However, the day may arrive when you hear loud sounds or mysterious squeaks. Your garage door may get stuck during the opening and closing operations. You can avoid these problems by keeping your machine running smoothly with the help of the following tips and techniques. Alternatively, if you are in need of professional garage door services, consider contacting the best Oakland garage door repair company services.

Garage door maintenance: The well-maintained garage door offers security and convenience. With the passage of time, it needs regular maintenance to reduce the noises, clean the tracks, tighten the loose parts, and keeping it functioning correctly and safely. Inspect the entire mechanism thoroughly to see that everything is in good working order. You should check the hardware to find out any loose screws, nuts, or bolts.

In case, it does, tighten the loose mounting brackets to make them functional. Next, inspect the garage door chains, hinges, and springs to find out the damaged area. You may use the user’s manual to do this task. The screws or chains on the garage door opener may need some sort of lubrication. You should also check the weather sealing at the bottom of your garage door to keep it in good shape. Last but not least you will have to check the alignment and balance of garage door panels. Misaligned garage door panels imposed a burden on the opener. If your equipment is not working smoothly, there may be an issue with torsion springs on the garage door. Fixing these issues as a weekend warrior can be dangerous and risky. Consider taking help from experienced experts.

Garage door updates: The safety features of garage door openers have been significantly improved over the last 20 years. If you still have traditional equipment, then you will have to think about updating the old version of opener. These devices got revolutionary improvement in 1993 when manufacturers introduced electric sensors ‘photo eyes. These sensors are placed on each side of the garage door’s wall at about 6 inches high from the ground. They have the blinking light and send a beam to detect the movement of a garage door. When the beam is broken due to any obstruct, the opener automatically reverses the garage door to its opened position.  

In addition to the sensor’s photo eyes placed on the side, there is another valuable improvement to the bottom of the garage door. Nowadays, garage door panels come with sensing edges installed on the bottom which detect any obstruct when the panels try to close. In case, garage door encounters a child, pet, a person’s foot, or any other obstructions, the panels reverse immediately to prevent the horrible accidents. 

The new safety features of the opener are considered so important that the government has advised all the manufacturing units after 1993 to include the side and bottom sensors to the garage door. Furthermore, the government has made a law that the garage door no longer is operated when their sensors fail to work.  

Garage door sensors are the new safety features that really need to be installed. A new electric garage door opener needs about two hours to install and costs around $100 to $200. Since garage door is large and powerful equipment that needs maintenance and updating occasionally. If you have a busy life schedule and don’t have enough time for garage door maintenance, call a garage door repair company to deal with the garage door.

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