What is the Jusor-Sy organization? 

Jusoor Sy is a non-government organization or NGO here in the state of Wisconsin. We give scholarships to those students who have the potential to study abroad to support our state. We have been around for nearly a decade. Learn more about us by browsing this website. 

In addition, we are offering scholarships to the youth of Wisconsin plus opportunities, and expert advice from us. We also help fresh graduates who seek professional careers for themselves. 

Is Jusoor Sy’s programs available for free?  

Jusoor Sy offers absolutely free scholarships and free expert advice to help you find and start your career. 

Is the Jusoor Sy organization legitimate 

Absolutely. Our scholars are never awarded with scholarships until they are verified. The scholarships and awards we offer are legitimate. Our experts do the investigation first before approving. In any case, do we do not require any payment for your scholarship.  

Is registration necessary to view the scholarship program? 

Yes, this is the only way to deliver the relevant scholarship in your area and check your qualifications. By registering to Jusoor Sy, you may check the details of the scholarship you want to pursue. 

How do I to apply for a scholarship? 

It’s easy! Just tap the Apply now button on the Homepage and you will be directed to the scholarship provider. From there you will find out exactly what the requirements are.  

Does Jusoor Sy accept International students for the scholarship program? 

Unfortunately, we don’t accept International students or students in any part of the country. Because we are in the midst of developing our state. Our priorities are with them and to the state of Wisconsin. We are very sorry regarding this that matter. 

I want to be listed on your scholarship program. How do I submit my scholarship? 

If you are interested and want to be listed, you may fill out the scholarship form with full details including our requirements. Our experts will determine if you are eligible for our program. For assistance, you may email us.