Jusoor Sy aims to support the Wisconsin state’s development and ensure its socio-economic growth. The services we offer are listed below exclusively for all the youth of Wisconsin. May these programs initiated by Jusoor Sy help us overcome what the state is facing right now.  

SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM – The Jusoor Sy organization helps students of Wisconsin who have potentials to study overseas. We help them to attain their academic studies and prepare them for their future jobs.  

EDUCATION PROGRAM – This program supports the students with financial problems. To be qualified for this program, the candidate should pass the exam given by the academic professors of Jusoor. 

ACADEMIC TUTORIALS – This program is advisable for a student who will study abroad. We help you process and seek information on your choice of academic studies in the University.  

CAREER DEVELOPMENTAL WORKSHOP FOR YOUNG PROFESSIONALS AND FRESH GRADUATES – This program aims to develop and enhance the competencies of a young professional in Wisconsin. We help them how to work on their résumé and prepare them for the job interviews. We want all the students in our state would be one competent individuals. All interested applicants should come personally to our office so we can give them full assistance. 

CAREER MENTORSHIP AND PORTAL JOB VACANCIES – Through this, Jusoor Sy will develop the career path of the students. We offer special counseling between the student and the mentor such as: 1) Understanding the job they would choose in the future and job opportunities in the industry ,and 2) Using our job portal we let them browse our database to find their job interest.  

All our services offered are absolutely free. No amount will be collect from every program you want to avail. If we put all our efforts in this goal, we are sure that we can make a difference in our state.